Inside, meet the two newest Jubs, Juju and Jaff. Jaff is one of the teachers at Jub school and if he’s not teaching language arts or cultural studies, he is snacking on the odd space cricket that likes to hide in his unkempt hair!

Atsary, Age 11, shares a poem called THE FOX, THE HEN AND THE DARE. Plus enjoy more youth short stories and poetry through extra links. Joe, Age 12, moved with his family to Montreal and he shares photos and what it was like starting at a new school. Nurse Sniggles talks about what happens to your food after you swallow it and includes a video link called Belly Bonanza.

And don’t forget, the next episode of EARTH TO JORB! Jorb meets up with his friend Jaxy as they head off to Jub school. He can’t get the new caves he found out of his mind and is even having a hard time sleeping.

Albert’s Art Gallery is filled with some of his paintings that have animals doing activities us humans enjoy! He even shares his top five tips for learning art skills yourself. You can start by drawing your own space cricket, with step-by-step instructions. All this and more!

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