ABAJUB is a new digi-mag about space creatures. These space creatures are called Jubs, and every Jub’s name starts with the letter ‘J’.  This particular Jub has no name yet and he’ll be introduced in the next issue. To learn more about ABAJUB, visit here!

What do you think his name could be?

  1. Scroll down on this page to read responses from other readers.
  2. Then continue scrolling to LEAVE A REPLY, fill in the form and then share a comment of your own.  Your answer may be chosen to be the new name of this Jub or another Jub in the future!
  3. When you are done writing your comment, hit the red button titled POST COMMENT one time.
  4. Your comment may take up to 24 hours to appear, so please return!
  5. If you don’t see your comment published by that time, or you are having other problems with posting a comment, please contact us for assistance!

Thanks for being part of the conversation!

2 comments on “Name-a-Jub

  • By TeLeni - Reply

    For a hint, Jub names are a little different than names you hear on Earth. For example, two Jubs already introduced to the readers are Jeb and Juju. So try and think of a name that sounds a little unusual and starts with the letter ‘J’. Have fun!

  • By Teresa - Reply


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