Jub School

In the new digi-mag ABAJUB, there is a story series called Earth to Jorb. Jorb is a Jub. And what is a Jub? Jubs are space creatures that live in tunnels and caverns below Planet GLAK. To learn more about ABAJUB, visit here! Jubs don’t have arms but they can do a lot with their big jaws. Their feet and legs are also flexible like a monkey and their heads can move like a bird. In the next episode, the young Jubs will be attending Jub school. A question you could answer to help you think of what Jub school would be like, might be:

  • How might their classroom be set up?
  • What do they learn in Jub school?
  • How does their teacher instruct them?
  • Do they have recess or gym? If so, what would that be like?
  • Any other ideas you might want to mention…

What do you think Jub school would be like?

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2 comments on “Jub School

  • By TeLeni - Reply

    Thanks for adding your ideas!

  • By Teresa - Reply

    they should learn about the crystals and how to properly take care of them!
    they should learn how to have more fun and play games because school should be fun
    how to make MUD pies!!!!! and mud castles and sculptures with their big feet hand things! I bet they would have a ton of fun!
    they would probably be sitting on their bums because they need to somehow take notes maybe on nest like spots on the ground so they can be cool and they can sit and learn from their teacher

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