Here is an update on the upcoming new digital companion to BAZOOF! magazine called ABAJUB!

Well, this has been a very fun and learning process, putting together BAZOOF!’s first digi-mag. It has taken longer to complete than expected, with a new platform being put in place, but it will be well worth the wait!

The first copy will be FREE to everyone and will launch very soon! Check back for updates.

ABAJUB is a custom designed digi-mag to be read on any device. It carries the same themes as BAZOOF! being: Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself. but will have some new twists and a different feel! There are interactive elements with video, clicks for extra reading, sharing comments, page jumps and more. Special features are from youth themselves, sharing the good things they are experiencing in their lives and how they view the world around them.

This new digi-mag takes readers to the creatures that live below the surface of Planet GLAK. ABAJUB is the name of their community, and the creatures are called Jubs. Readers will get to meet and learn about many of the Jubs, and even enjoy a story that will dive them right into exploring how the Jubs live and mix with each other.

Another advantage to this new title is it will open up more opportunities for youth to have their work published and shared with other readers. ABAJUB will feature youth stories, poetry, art and give readers an opportunity to share their ideas, events and activities they enjoy!

To see a schedule how the two will work together, visit here. Do you have an idea you think would be fun to include in ABAJUB, we want to hear about it! Fill out the form or contact us with your thoughts. Would you be interested in becoming involved in writing a book or game review? Let us know that too!

Gradually, all the changes to the website will be updated to accommodate this new title. New subscribers will have the option to purchase ABAJUB with BAZOOF!, or purchase B! on its own. See the order page to see pricing. Return here for updates!