Abajub! Digi-Mag

Here is an update on the upcoming new digital companion to BAZOOF! magazine called ABAJUB!

The first copy of ABAJUB! will be FREE to everyone and will be available this month. More information to come, so please return to this page for updates! If you are a current subscriber to BAZOOF!, you’ll receive ABAJUB! as a part of your subscription at no extra cost.

ABAJUB! is designed to be read on a tablet or phone. It carries the same themes as BAZOOF! being: Live Healthy. Build Character. Express Yourself. but will have some additional features you’re sure to enjoy!

ABAJUB! takes readers to the creatures that live below the surface of Planet GLAK. ABAJUB! is the name of their community, and the creatures are called jubs. Learn more in the issues ahead!

The very exciting return that will be featured in upcoming issues of ABAJUB! will be the very popular Ninja Bob comic series. This comic was started by Troy and Daniel when they were in Grade 5 that entertained BAZOOF! readers for many years. Another advantage to this new title will open up more opportunities for youth to have their work published and shared with other readers. ABAJUB! will feature youth stories, special features, poetry, book, game reviews and more!

To see a schedule how the two will work together, visit here. Do you have an idea you think would be fun to include in ABAJUB! We want to hear about it! Fill out the form or contact us with your thoughts. Would you be interested in becoming involved like writing a book or game review? Let us know that too!

Visit this page again for further updates!