Lost in Neptune

“I created this story based on a movie that I saw. The movie took place on Mars but I changed it to Neptune. When I researched about Neptune, I found that it was not made of ice and water but I left the story as I had it. I had a lot of fun making this story. I hope you enjoy it!” Matias

by Matias, Age 9

Part 1

Once there was a boy named Max who loved space. Seventeen years later, he became an astronaut for NASA. His team’s mission was to go to Neptune to see if it was made of water. If it was, he was to take 20% of the water and bring it back to earth. Max’s team consisted of fellow astronauts Robbie, Allison and Hannah.

Soon, they were about to take off to space. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, 0! BAM BOOM! They flew up in the sky in a cloud of dust–then disappeared! 2.7 billion miles later, the team arrived at Neptune. They discovered that it was made of ice and water, so the mission had not failed. They captured 20% of the water to take back to earth.

Then the control station from earth contacted the team. They told them the team needed to evacuate immediately because an aggrupation of thingsin this case a tornado, water, and icewas coming! The storm arrived before they could prepare and Max could not enter the ship. The rest of the team escaped, but Max was trapped in Neptune. Then a giant piece of ice hit him.

Part 2

Max woke up from his supposed death. He had a bad cut so he walked to an almost-destroyed space base to try to find some medical supplies. Max did not know exactly what to do, so he did a little operation to cover up his wound. Then he ran out of the base and shouted!

He heard something grumble.

A squidagon appeared that had an emerald on his chest and a total of 2,458 blue and yellow tentacles. It roared and started chasing him. The creature said, “I’ll take you to Wateron!” (who was the ruler of Neptune).

When the squidagon and Max arrived at the castle, they saw an ice throne with a giant water-made man wearing an ice mask. All around him were 14 moons with ice weapons that had one crater on their forehead, a little crown with lunar rocks on top, and finally a little sphere below instead of feet.

Wateron said, with a grumbled voice that echoed all around, “What do you want, and what are you doing on my planet?”

Part 3

“My ma-ma-majesty. I got trapped on your planet,” stammered Max.

“Well, go away!” yelled Wateron.

“But majesty, I can’t. I came from Earth, but I—”

“Earth?!” said Wateron, “You came from Earth? Wait, are you Max?”

“Yes, but do you know me?”

“Oh, Max! Every time it rains, I have been watching you.”

“Oh, cool!”

“Wait, I can help. I control the water on Neptune. I’ll put you inside a bubble with a water hand that can take you back to Earth.”


“First, I need to get the bubble.” Wateron looked at the moons around him, “Moons, go to the 10th sea to find a bubble. So, Max, where were we?”

After a friendly conversation between Max and Wateron, the moons returned. It was time to say goodbye.

“Wait,” said one moon, “I want you to keep my lunar ball. Just touch it and you will be back to Earth.”

“Okay, thanks! Bye everyone,” said Max.

Then the ground started to shake and in another cluster, Max was back on Earth.   THE END

Did you notice an unusual word Matias used?

The word aggrupation is an English term that has been borrowed from the Spanish language. It means a group or organization. Try writing your own story and put in one or two unusual vocabulary words, like Matias did. It is a fun way to understand and learn new words. You could even send your story to B! by visiting submit. Our creative team could even help you with it!