The Missing Library Book

by Jana, Age 13

I always go to our local library to borrow some books. But, one day I thought I would never be able to borrow a book again!

It all began on that Tuesday afternoon when I went to borrow my favorite book, ‘Dusky Dawn’ which I have read more than 20 times! I loved the suspense, the adventure, the friendship, it was one story with all kinds of genres. I grabbed it and headed to the check-out counter. After saying goodbye to the librarian, I ran quickly home to finish my homework.

A week later at dinner time, my mother told me, ” Sweety, don’t forget to return your library book tomorrow.” Then it hit me, that was what I had forgotten! I ran upstairs to my messy room to look for the book.

I literally flipped the room upside down looking for it. I looked under the bed, in my closet and under all the piles of stinky clothes. Peuwww! But, I still could not find it.

“Mom!!!” I shouted.

“Yes, honey!” she replied.

“I can’t find my library book,” I explained.

“Sorry to hear that, you’ll just have to pay for it from your babysitting money,” she said.

‘Pay for it!’ I thought. I remembered the time I was going to buy my own copy and it was 35 dollars! That was a lot of money! But I didn’t know what else to do, so I ran upstairs and began to look for my Piggy Bank.

I looked all over and couldn’t find it, my room was such a mess (I’m kind of a pack rat). I decided that I had to clean my room in order to find my piggy bank. So I asked my little sister Hannah for help.

We put the dirty clothes in a big pile and folded the clean clothes and put them in the closet. Then I picked up all my toys, books and supplies and found a way to store them neatly. Hannah then got the vacuum and vacuumed my bedroom. After that, we worked together to tackle the big messy closet! That’s where I found my piggy bank!

The next day I went to the library and explained to the librarian how I misplaced the book as I handed her the money. She said, “I’ve been trying to tell you that a man with glasses, a briefcase and a purple tie returned it early this morning.” I gasped in surprise and left, so happy that I didn’t have to pay for the book.

Then as I walked home, I realized that I had left the book on my dad’s desk and he must have dropped it off before leaving for his business trip. I chuckled and said to myself quietly, “Oh Dad!”   THE END

A Piece of Life

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