Why Pigs Have Flat Noses

by Jacob, Age 12

A long time ago, pigs used to have noses just like us! I’d like to tell you a story of how all that changed.

Once there were four pigs and their names were Piglit, Luiziana, Tyson and Bobby. They were playing tag, when Piglit accidentally ran into a hay stack  face first and bounced back about a foot! Luiziana instantly had an idea for a game.

The game she thought of was that you run into the hay stack as fast as you can and see how far you bounce back after hitting it.

Bobby suggested that they should all make a nose-guard so that they wouldn’t hurt themselves. Tyson said he didn’t need a nose-guard because he was tough!

They all had lots of fun playing this game but Piglit wanted to show off like Tyson, so he took off his nose-guard. Luiziana and Bobby said to Piglit, “Why are you taking off your nose-guard?”

Piglit said, “Because I want to be tough like Tyson.”

But Luiziana and Bobby said, “But you’re not as tough as Tyson, you will break your nose!”

Piglit said, “I can be as tough as Tyson, just watch!”

So Piglit ran as fast as he could and then CRUNCH!!! Piglit was curled up in a ball crying. Everybody ran up to Piglit. Piglit’s nose was flat. Piglit said, “I’m sorry I didn’t listen to you guys. I’m not as tough as Tyson. I guess I learned my lesson.”

And ever since that day, pigs have had flat noses!   THE END

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