Make Every Day an Adventure with Reading Rainbow Skybrary

Bring the magic of the beloved children’s television series Reading Rainbow to life with Skybrary Family.

Skybrary takes your child on endless adventures through an ever-expanding world of interactive books and Video Field Trips hosted by everyone’s favorite storyteller, LeVar Burton.

Help your child develop a lifelong love of reading and learning.

Skybrary is packed with engaging features both you and your child will love:

  • Children pilot their own personal hot air balloons through 7 magical islands, each home to hundreds of quality books and videos that celebrate diversity, family and the world around us.
  • They get unlimited access to over 600 high-quality books—from classics to award winners to undiscovered gems.  Each one has been hand-picked by celebrated authors and publishers.
  • They can explore the world on over 250 educational Video Field Trips. From nature excursions to space explorations to globe-trotting adventures, join host LeVar Burton on a seemingly endless array of fun and fascinating learning journeys.
  • You will reward your young reader’s natural curiosity and sense of discovery. Skybrary features interactive animations that add to the fun (and support reading comprehension).
  • Inspire your young reader’s natural curiosity and sense of discovery today with Reading Rainbow’s Skybrary!

Each book comes fully equipped with a “Read to Me” or “Read by Myself” feature and dozens of interactive animations that bring the stories to life.

With Skybrary Family, your child can Go Anywhere and Be Anything — right from your preferred device! Try it for one month—FREE!  Click here for details.