Crash! Boom! Bang!

Crash! Boom! Bang! The Kids have Gone Wild!

Food, food, look out below,
Rumbling, tumbling, just like snow,
Kids are fighting, one fistful at a time
Throwing food, there goes a lime.
Slimy, gooey, yucky and more
Kids are roaring like dinosaurs.
The principal walks in and what does he see?
Lots of people acting like monkeys.
“Detention!” he says, shaking his fist,
“Now then, you are all dismissed.”
They look at the principal
And what do they see?
Nobody there, except you and me,
We hear kids whispering, one by one,
“Can’t wait until the very next one.”

by Judy, Age 10 & Rebecca, Age 11

Unusual School Events

Can you think of something that happened at school, that was little unusual? Maybe you could imagine one, something out of the norm? Let it be a spark to write something. You could put it in the form of a poem or develop it into a story. You could even send it to B! by visiting submit.