Blake’s Situation #3

Situation: This time I’d like to talk about something that happened at my school. Kids can do really stupid things because they think it’s cool. Sometimes they make fun of others with mental disabilities. What would you do if some of your friends were doing this?


“If someone was making fun of a handicapped person, I would go up to them and say, ‘Don’t make fun of them’. Then I would say, ‘Everyone is different and it’s okay to be different’”. Courtney, Age 11

“I would say to them that it is not fair to the person with the disability because I know they would not want to be laughed at if they had a disability. The wrong choice would be to start laughing like all your friends.” Tamara, Age 10

“I would tell them to stop doing that because it’s not their fault and it’s not like they aren’t nice.” Callum, Age 10

“I would try to take the attention away from the person. I would invite my friends to play football and keep talking to them until the person walked away.” Kurtis, Age 11

“I would go over there and say, ‘Hey stop! What if you were that kid, would you like to be teased?’ The wrong choice would be to start making fun of them with the others.” Grace, Age 10

“If one of my friends were doing that, I wouldn’t be their friend any more. And I would tell an adult or teacher.” Kiernan, Age 11

“I would tell them to stop and say, ‘Imagine if that was you, I don’t think you would like it if people were treating you like that’.” Jacqueline, Age 10

“I would ask them to stop teasing the disabled person and to treat them the way they’d want to be treated.” Scott, Age 10

“I think the right thing to do is to go up to the kids and tell them to stop in a stern voice. To make the kid feel better I would play with them and then notify the teacher what was happening. The wrong choice would be to join the group and tease them or just watch them get teased.” Jamie, Age 11

Evaluation: I received so many great answers. It was good to know how many of you would have done the right thing. Remember to not only try to stop your friends from teasing them, but also try to talk to the person who is being teased. Try and be his or her friend. If you show your friends how much fun this person can be, they could learn to stop. You have much more power over your friends than they do. I’ve had quite a few friends with handicaps or disabilities. Thanks for all your answers! Remember, you can always find a way to do the right thing!

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