Blake’s Situation #2

blake_headshot This happened to a 14 year old boy and his friend. After reading the situation, decide what you think would be the right or wrong way to handle it and why.

Situation: You are at a bus stop with your friend. A couple of teens ask you if you want to try this (they have something in their hand) for free, just to see what it would feel like. What would be the right or wrong thing to do and why.


“I’d probably say ‘no’ and walk away. Then I’d tell somebody because someone would need to know that these boys are doing that. I wouldn’t think they’re very nice people and they should talk to someone about what they’re doing.” Kyra, Age 10

“I think the right thing would be to ignore them, and if they kept it up go to the next bus stop and contact the police as soon as possible. The wrong choice would be to take it and hang out with them, because it’s probably drugs.” Daniel, Age 11

“I definitely think of everything I learned at the DARE program at my school. I’d keep saying ‘no’ and go home and tell my parents.” Elyse, Age 12

“I’d say ‘no’ and walk away because I wouldn’t want to do drugs. And then I’d probably tell someone.” Thomas, Age 10

Evaluation: Good for you, Elyse, for remembering what you learned in your school program. If something like this ever happens to you, just say ‘no’ and then walk far away from these type of kids—and always tell an adult afterwards. Don’t keep something like this to yourself. I know that sometimes it feels scary, especially when you’re talking to people older than you, but you never want to let anyone talk you into doing something you know isn’t good for you. Thanks for your answers! Remember, you can always find a way to do the right thing!

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