Blake’s Situation #1

blakeHi, I’m Blake. I feature real situations that could or have happened to kids, and you decide what you think would be the right or wrong way to handle them. This happened to a friend of mine who was 11 years old. After reading, decide what you think would be the right or wrong choice to make and why.

Situation: You have decided to meet your friend on your bike at a local convenience store. When you arrive there, you see some older teens hanging out. One of them is looking at you and calls you over to their group. You don’t know any of them and your friend hasn’t arrived.


“I wouldn’t go over there to them because I don’t know who they are.” Rachelle, Age 11

“I wouldn’t go over to them. I’d walk away because they might try to sell me drugs or give them to me. They might even try to take me.” Hope, Age 11

“I’d say I’m waiting for my friend and wanted to wait longer for her. Maybe I wouldn’t talk to them. If I did go over to them, I’d tell them I can’t do anything with them. I wouldn’t be scared. If they wanted me to do anything bad or dangerous, I wouldn’t do it.” Karah, Age 9

“I’d walk away, I’d just stay away from them. The wrong thing to do would be to go over to them.” Chris, Age 13

Evaluation: Those are some great answers! Yes, the wrong thing to do would be to respond to them and walk over to their group. Those teens might not harm you, but since you don’t know them you should never take the chance. If you felt really uncomfortable, I’d lock your bike up and go into the store until your friend got there. Always tell a parent or caregiver about any situation that scares you. Thanks for your answers! Remember, you can always find a way to do the right thing!

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