Against the Wild 2

Against the Wild 2Movie Review by Jana, Age 13

Against the Wild 2 – Survive the Serengeti, is a great family movie featuring beautiful scenes of Africa’s wildlife and dry landscape. Filled with suspense, family love and a bit of humor, this is the perfect weekend movie. It stars the young talent of Ella Ballentine and Jeri Ryan, of Star Trek. My favorite part of the movie was when the lions came to attack Emma and Ryan, and Ryan was brave and kept them away with the flame torches.

wild_2 Storyline

When Emma and Ryan go to visit there father, Vice President of a mining company, they are excited to see him and can’t wait to see the views of Africa’s Serengeti Desert. However their plane gets shot down by nearby rebel gunfire and their captain, Mr. Cougar, is severely injured. They have no one except each other and their father’s boss’s dog, Chinook. Emma and Ryan don’t know much about the wild, they’ve only been camping a couple of times, but will their teamwork and buddy Chinook, be enough to help them survive the wilderness and heat of Africa?

View the official trailer here. Look for it out on DVD.