A Stride a Memory

by Shanna, Age 10

Well, it all started one hot summer day in Neidpath, Saskatchewan. There were eight horses in a small pasture right across from my grandma’s small post office. I grew quite attached to them and you could imagine how upset I was when I went down one day to see they were gone.

About two or three years after the horses had left, my grandparents came to visit. They had goofy looks on their faces, so I asked what was going on. Grandpa smiled and said, “The horses came back!” And knowing me, I had to be down there that weekend.

horse_2So the plans were made and I was down there that very weekend. I was watching out the window, waiting to see eight horses grazing in a small pasture. Trees and fence posts passed by until I finally saw eight horses. As soon as I walked into my grandparents’ house, I was eagerly asking when we could go and see the horses.

When the moment finally came, I jumped out of the car and raced to the fence of the pasture. It was then that I realized that they were too far away. I stood there for awhile and then hooked the carrots I had brought for them on the barbed wire of the fence.

The next day I went again. This time they were grazing way too far away. Grandma was already calling me back but I wasn’t leaving yet. I pulled a bit of grass and softly talked to them. One horse took a step forward. Then another and another. Suddenly the whole herd started to follow one by one. My knees started to buckle but not because I was scared or nervous, but because grandma had told me that the horses came to no one.

A refreshing exhilaration flowed through me as the leading horse nudged his big head into my arms. His deep brown eyes sent me a message that he wasn’t going to hurt me.

Grandma let me stay a little longer before calling me back into the truck. I happily climbed into the truck knowing that God had answered my prayers all the same.   THE END

Your Own Memory

Think of an experience you’ve had that means a lot to you. Write it in your journal or on a piece of paper. You could even send it to B! like Shanna did. See Submit for the details.