What’s Different? #1

Check out this game sent to B! by Brandon, Age 10. See if you can find 18 differences between the first and second drawings. Try to not look at the answers at the bottom of the screen until you think you’ve found them all!

Drawing 1


 Drawing 2



Hot Air Balloon – yellow instead
Sun – lighter orange
Chimney – different type
Chimney – no smoke coming out
Window – double line going down center of the top left window
Roof – extra shingle on bottom of the middle section
Girl in the window – she is moved to the bottom window
Girl in the window – colored
Sign – selling puppies
Car – tailpipe is on the back
Window – lady in the green shirt added in the window
Car – headlight added
Helicopter – switched to an airplane
Man’s hat – shorter in height
Mailbox – switched to a tree
Bunny – ears are up
Bird – extra bird in the sky
Girl driving the car – smiling

If we missed something, let us know!